Have you ever felt that you’ve lost yourself somewhere in the dreary ocean of your life. I’ve felt it. People feel it. It’s hard. It kills you from the inside. I found it really hard to cope up with so much stress. It hurts. Here’s to everyone reading this. Help them. Help them, not for themselves, not for yourself but for the sake of humanity. We humans are cursed in a way. We get attached to people. We get emotional. We fall in love. The people who get the best of their love life are happy. Good. But we won’t talk about them. The people who for example are betrayed by someone whom they trusted blindly are shattered. Please help them. They silently call for you from the depths of their darkness. They cry for your help. Please don’t hesitate. Just help them. Your help can make their life beautiful again. 

We are humans. We make mistakes. We are not perfect. Everyone has their own demons. People tell you to fight your demons. I tell you to embrace them. Because by embracing your inner demons, you can become your true self. You have a flaw? Flaunt it with pride. Me? I’m really short tempered. I get irritated at petty things. I got in a fight with someone whom I trusted with all my heart and soul recently. I said things which I now regret. I hurled abuses at that person. But all that time I was silently shouting for that person to know what was behind those abuses. I was silently screaming for help. I needed help and just like always, the other person focused on my anger, not me. Here I sit now, loathing the very darkness of my own mind. It’s fascinating how negative a person can think. Human negativity has no limits. 

I think I realised this is how nature works. It’s cruel. It turns you into monsters that you are most afraid of. By existing, we create hate. Our very own existence creates the pain. 

– dashy27


Striving Through It All. 

​The devil whispered “you cannot withstand the storm”. 
Today I replied to the devil “I am the storm”.

I love the feeling when someone says ‘you cannot do it’. It feels like a challenge and there is no greater satisfaction than accomplishing that task. I love to prove myself. I believe in myself. I know I can do it.

I know there are people out there who are being tormented by the unjust and biased society. I’d say, stay strong and keep going! 

I know you guys are alone. The hardest walk is the one which you walk alone, but that is the same walk which makes you the strongest. It is the walk that builds your character the most. 

In a pack, the leader always walks alone, in front of everyone because he is the strongest. He’s the only one who can overcome challenges that pose a threat to his tribe.

They say that the wolf on the hill is never as hungry as the wolf climbing the hill. Always be that wolf climbing the hill; hungry to grow; hungry to rise to the highest level. Always look forward to the next feast of success. Prove it to everyone, what are you made of, and be different. 

To all the people out there. Yes, people don’t believe me. Yes, they think I can’t do it. And yes I’m going to show them what am I capable of​. I have the strength that those people have never experienced. I can do anything! And so can you. I know it is annoying. I fight naysayers everyday. And everyday I win. Because everyday, I remember my purpose. And my purpose is to make this world a better place. Yes, I believe it. Yes, I trust myself when no one else does. 

We humans have forgotten the main purpose of our very existence. The future depends on each one of us. One single decision can change how things will be. 

A man may die, but his ideas will not. Trust me, if you believe in yourself you can do anything. Come on people! Let’s do it. Lets show them that we can do anything! We will change how things work and I’m sure that decision will be the best one. 


~ Dashy27 and Mysteriousscribbler. 💙


Depression isn’t as fancy as this world thinks, it is. It is not something desirable and it is definitely not a tool for attention.

It isn’t about being unable to sleep at night. It is about being wide awake on a morning and being oblivious to everything around you, at the same time.

It is like one of those cigarettes that burn a hole through your frail soul. With each drag, you feel the smoke numbing your senses and calming you. Maybe it makes the reality bearable for a moment. It is, however, death that lives inside the pocket of your jeans. You can’t do anything but succumb to it. 

There are spans when you don’t know how to stop the tears that won’t come. There are times when you let the ideas of death consume your entire body. You let the feeling of everything being eased off your chest dissolve you into a pool of delusion. 

You can’t escape this void, sometimes. 

There are no reasons, no excuses, no mercy. It is what it is.

At times, it kills you. Other times, it drives you to the brink of hysteria, where you forget what your emotions are. You forget where you come from. You forget what awaits you. You forget who you are. 

They don’t need you to tell them that everything will be alright. They don’t need you to share your experiences or rain sympathy over them. All they need you to do is, listen to them; reassure them that you’re going to stick to them at all times. They need to keep you in the back of their minds, even when they say “no”.

Everyday we lose thousands of people to depression. It is not something to be proud of. The television and social media may portray it, as something fancy and wannabe, but is is the end of you. 

To a better place to live in, on this year’s World Health Day. 

Depression: Let’s Talk. 

[WHO, 7 April, 2017]

Quasars In Making. 

I believe, we all are a part of a planetary system in life. It is what makes us; what completes us.  You can’t imagine yourself drifting apart from it. And you certainly cannot imagine being forced to leave. But that’s not how it goes.

When you begin to lose your charm and feel yourself getting debased, you are coerced and ejected out of the system, your only home. You are deprived of your identity and robbed of your happiness. You feel yourself fading away into the endless space. You let the darkness consume you; the chaos get the best of you. It is hysteric to fall into this fathomless abyss, but you are, however, compelled to do so.

So much for what you called a ‘home’.

How long can you wander in this endless vacuum of nothing but, stardust and gases? You can’t keep yourself from drowning​ in this cold pool of darkness without a purpose. You need the sun in your life. It is what keeps you alive and kicking. 

This sun won’t bounce back into your life on its own. It is you who has to close-up to it. 

This is what we require to do in life. We ought to search for our ray of light and let it ignite what had been blown-out ages ago. We can’t always remain afraid of being vulnerable. It is vulnerability itself, that makes us what we are. Had we been perfect on the first hand, we wouldn’t have been able to find what our lives lacked the most— the sun.

~ Mysteriousscribbler and Dashy27 💙

The Dreamers.

The world is full of people who have settled for the average. They don’t want you to follow your dreams, merely because it would remind them of how they gave up on theirs. 

Most people would rather pick up a bottle of a beer, rather than a book and complain that they are ensnared in a dead end job or they don’t have a job at all! 

Successful people are flooded with mean comments like “Successful people are greedy”, and my favourite, “there’s more to life than money”. 

Of course there’s more to life than money, fellows! There’s also more to life than putting food on the table and struggling to pay the bills! Why is there so much of negativity towards the successful people, that it’s even difficult to digest their glory?Mind you, with this mentality one will never be able to walk the path of success.


Dreamers usually don’t blend-in with normal people because they don’t want to settle for average! They thrive for success. They thrive for the best. They thrive to make this world a better place! 

When I say that I want to change the world and make it better for each one of us, people never keep their questions from stopping. “What about money” or “what will you do alone?” are the most common ones. But tell me, don’t you think someone must try? Someone has to take the initiative afterall. 

I was always criticized by my peers and family. My relatives pricked me with barbed comments and someone always made me doubt my worth, when I had to take important decisions. I was pretty hurt in the beginning but then I learned to turn their hate into fuel that ignited me and drove me towards success. 
There are people out there, who, like me, want to change this world. It is the settled group of people that stop them from rising to the top. Please, do not settle. Please, fight for what is right. Please, rise above everyone and show the world what are you capable of. Because, one day these dreamers will do the things that no one could have imagined and finally make this world, a better place to live in, not only for themselves but for everyone. 

~Dashy27 and Mysteriousscribbler. 💙